25 Easy And Creative DIY Garden Ideas Made Out Of Old Logs And Stumps

25 Easy And Creative DIY Garden Ideas Made Out Of Old Logs And Stumps

Do you want to try to make something unique from a tree cut down, or a rigid, dead tree stump with bare bases in the garden? There are countless options to transform them into a striking focal point that can impress your guests. From DIY fire pit, garden railing, planters, garden pathway, and more, these are projects you can make easily to change your garden more beautiful and outstanding.
25 Easy And Creative DIY Garden Ideas Made Out Of Old Logs And Stumps
Throwing them away isn’t the only way, let’s give them a second life by your creativity. They promise to keep you amazed. We believe that just make one or some for your garden, it will spruce up your boring garden. Even, some are will be fun like a stump fairy garden or a little gnome house, you can make them with the support of your kids because they have a chance to have interesting experiences from real actives. So, if you are interested in it, save them and make your own versions.

#1 Use Logs As Outdoor Plant Stands

Source: Inmyownstyle

#2 Outdoor Log Furniture

Source: Engineeringdiscoveries

#3 DIY Garden Fire Pit

Source: Verticalartisans

#4 DIY Bird Bath

Source: Pinimg

#5 DIY Mailbox

Source: Flickr

#6 Stump Vintage Plant

Source: Bushybox

#7 Log Garden Railing

Source: Awoodrailing

#8 Succulent Planters

Source: Vivadecora

#9 Log Garden Lights

Source: Optimum Garden

#10 Logs Edging

Source: Gapphotos

#11 Little Gnome​ House

Source: Wickedpaintbrush

#12 DIY Indoor Succulent Containers

Source: Succulentsbox

#13 Wood Slices From Logs For Garden Pathway

Source: Lushome

#14 Wood Slices Wall

Source: Antik-natur

#15 Outdoor Log Containers

Source: Homebnc

#16 Stump Fairy Garden

Source: Chris Pfahl

#17 An Outdoor Swing Made From A Wood Slice With Rope

Source: Awoodrailing

#18 Log Benches

Source: Foter

#19 A Garden Art

Source: Diyncrafts

#20 Garden Lamp

Source: Matchness

#21 Backyard Furnitures

Source: Etsy

#22 Log Water Feature

Source: Hayneedle

#23 Flower Bed Edging Idea

Source: Hoselink

#24 A DIY Bird Feeder

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#25 Outdoor Library

Source: Little Free Library