25 Easy Yet Pretty Nail Arts To Do At Home

What do you often do with your friends when hanging out at your home? Chatting, making a good drink and enjoy together, cooking something tasty, or doing little things that every girl love: nail-making up. We all get fond of brushing our nails. Many nail arts and designs are easy enough for us to do at home. It’s an enjoyable process and we have a lot of fun together.


Here are 25 easy yet pretty nail arts to do at home. If you do not want to go to nail salons to do the make-up for your nails, just do it by yourself. I love brushing my nails with favorite colors and decorate them with simple beautiful patterns at weekend. It requires a little bit patience and cleverness, making it great to get you focused for a short time. Your nails (both finger and toe nails) are given a new look after that. Ready to give them a try?

#1 Skittle Mani Nails

#2 Neutral Nail Polish

#3 Nude Almond Nails

#4 Gold on Gold

#5 Rainbow French Tips

#6 Lilac Nails

#7 Natural Nails

#8 Double French Tip

#9 Racing Stripes

#10 Perfect Nail Polish