25 Fabulous Bee Hotels To Build In Your Garden


This hanging bee hotel is so adorable. It looks like a birdhouse but actually is built for the pollinators to nest in.


You can definitely turn an old cabinet into a rustic bee house. Just need to fill it with natural materials.


It’s great to make an bee hotel on the outdoor wall or fence to help helping local pollinators.


A rustic bee condo made from  logs, bamboo, and pieces of wood with holes drilled into them. It’s enough for these pollinators to nest in.


You can make use of old pallets to make a house for bees. It’s quite large or elaborate.


This is an awesome bee condo. It features living walls on two sides and is decorated with colorful flowers.


This vertical bee house is a super simple DIY project for gardeners.


This bee house is such an awesome art work. It can definitely be placed near your house.


Here is another vertical bee house that’s perfect to hang on a backyard fence or in a garden.


This gorgeous bee house sits in Place des Jardinsin Paris.


This is a stylish bee hotel. It looks like a miniature cityscape.


If you are looking for a gorgeous bee condo, this is right up your street. It’s a big DIY project for experienced gardeners.


Another great example for a simple and “at-no-expense” bee house. All you need is a terracotta pot, some bamboo canes, and raffia.


A hollowed out log filled with bamboo stalks can definitely be a nest for pollinators.


This gorgeous bee hotel sits in Oakham, UK at the Lyndon Nature Reserve.

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