25 Fantastic Built-In Bed Ideas For Kid’s Room

by Sasha Ridley

    Built-in beds can save us a lot of space. That’s why many people install a built-in bed near the window. It still receives enough light and grasps a stunning view. If you decorate your window a little, it will become a stunning focal point in your bedroom. And your built-in bed makes a wise choice for storage and organization. You can store clothes, shoes, blankets, and toys here. It will work excellently with your kid’s bedroom.

    And, here are 25 fantastic built-in bed ideas for your kid’s room. If you are looking for a simple yet affordable way to keep your kid’s bedroom organized, these will be right up your street. They create extra storage space, making it no longer messy or cramped. This is what all parents need for the bedroom of their children, right? Let’s check them out!

    1. Perfect Built-In Beds for Triple

    2. Cozy Boho Kid Beds for Girl’s Room

    3. Built-In Boy’s Bunk Beds

    4. Built-In Double Decker Beds

    5. Perfect Bunk Bed with Ladder

    6. Beautiful DIY Built-In Bunk Bed for Girls

    7. Built-In Green Bunk Bed

    8. Simple DIY Bunk Bed for Boys

    9. Cool Built-In Bunk Bed with Green Accents

    10. Love This Cutest Bunk Bed?

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