25 Herbs, Veggies, and Fruits To Grow in Plastic Bottles

by Sasha Ridley

    Turning plastic bottles into plant base is one of the most popular ways to reuse them. The reason is simple. These plant beds are super easy to make, and great to hang inside the house and place in the garden. This is an enjoyable activity that my kids and I wait for every months.

    And, here are 25 herbs, veggies, and fruits to grow in plastic bottles I would like to share today. Basil, parsley, spinach, garlic, spring onion,.. there are many for you to try. As a homemade food lover, I really enjoy the process of grow and harvest these greens on my own. I have healthy vegetables and herbs to eat and also bring “greener” view to my house.

    25 Herbs Veggies and Fruits To Grow in Plastic Bottles

    If you decorate these planters impressively, you can definitely place them at your working desk. Some even help prevents mosquitoes and ants. Let’s dive right in!

    #1 Basil

    You can grow basil both indoor and outdoor at any time.  When planting basil in plastic bottle, you should use potting soil. And, don’t forget to place your bottle at the sunniest place of your home.

    #2 Garlic

    It’s better to grow garlic in big plastic bottles as it has a bulb at the end. You should water it every day. You can start with its bulbs.

    #3 Strawberries

    If you do not have a sunny pot to grow strawberries, just do it with a plastic bottle. It still works, and you even grow it at any time. When the plant starts to produce fruits, you should harvest them immediately after they ripen. It needs space to make new fruit.

    #4 Oregano

    Oregano can be easily grown in plastic bottle. It’s additionally grow fast in a raised bed garden. You can start with its seeds.

    #5 Rosemary

    It’s easy to plant rosemary in plastic bottle. When planting, you should add a bit acidic and dry soil at the bottom to make your herbs grow better. And, don’t forget to water them when the soil is too dry.

    #6 Pepper

    Pepper are better to grow in big plastic bottle. You start with the seeds or seedling. The later will save you a lot of time.

    #7 Spinach

    Spinach is one of the easiest and fastest-growing vegetables in plastic bottle.  Just make sure to place your bottle in nice shady place or indoor.

    #8 Sage

    It’s better to place sage bottle outside. This herbs loves sun light to grow.

    #9 Parsley

    As parsley one of the most common herbs, it’s great to grow it on your own. You can do it with a plastic bottle and seeds.

    #10 Thyme

    Along with basil, oregano, sage, and parsley, thyme is an easy herb to grow in small containers like plastic bottle. Just make sure not to overwater them.

    #11 Lettuce

    As lettuce needs more room to grow, it’s best to plant in big plastic bottle. You can start with seeds or seedling. Seedling will save you a lot of time.

    #12 Mushroom

    If your garden does not have enough space for mushrooms, just grow it in plastic bottle.  Small mushrooms can grow in just 1 or 2 days and bigger ones can take up to six days.

    #13 Microgreen

    Microgreen grow fast and easily in plastic bottles. As they’re healthy, why don’t you plant them on their own?

    #14 Radish

    Radish is best to grow outside in a big plastic bottle.

    #15  Asian Green

    Choose a bigger plastic bottle for Asian green because these plants grow very fast.

    #16 Peas

    Peas are also need a bigger pot to grow in. They are a sun-loving vegetable and need watered regularly.

    #17 Kale

    Kale grows well in bottles. It can be a crop of both summer and winter.

    #18 Chard

    Chard is a perfect vegetable to grow in bottle in hot climate area. You can start with the seeds.

    #19 Mustard Green

    Choose a bigger bottle for mustard green. They’re great to grow under sunlight of winter.

    #20 Dwarf Apple

    Your dream of growing apples in a plastic bottle can come true with dwarf apple. And, you should also use potting soil.

    #21 Pomegranate

    Pomegranate needs a bigger bottle to grow in.

    #22 Figs

    Another fruit that you can grow in plastic bottles is figs. It needs to be watered every summer day.

    #23 Raspberries and blueberries

    Choose bigger plastic bottles for raspberries and blueberries. They also require acidic soil for better growth.

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