25 Incredibly Beautiful Floating Shelves For Living Room

by Sasha Ridley

    Our living room appreciates floating shelves. They create a focal point for the living room wall, making it more eye-catching. You can install plant shelves, bookshelves, or picture frame shelves here. It depends on your home decor and your hobbies. I prefer the combination of the three. This wall-attached shelf brings a beautiful green hue to the living room and also enables you to read books when staying here. More importantly, they are affordable and easy to proceed with.

    And, here are 25 incredibly beautiful floating shelves for the living room. If you are looking for fantastic budget living room projects, these are right up your street. They will spruce up your room immediately. Install the shelves and place anything you love here. Mini houseplant pots, crafts, and flower vases all work. These projects also work with your bedrooms and bathrooms, too. Ready to give them a look? Here we go!

    1. Stunningly Beautiful Boho Floating Shelves

    2. Decorative Modern Floating Shelves

    3. Floating Shelves with Hanging Plants

    4. Rustic Floating Shelves above TV

    5. Amazing DIY Floating Corner Shelves

    6. Beautiful DIY Living Room Floating Shelves

    7. Floating Bookshelf near The Fire Place

    8. Wooden Floating Shelf for Flower Vase and Picture Frames

    9. Simple Floating Shelves on Entryway

    10. Floating Shelves with Vine Plants

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