25 Mesmerizing Gold Foil Nail Designs

Fall is already here. Have you got any idea for what to put on your pretty nails? This post is handy for you, guys. It shares 25 mesmerizing gold foil nail designs to copy. The gold foil pairs perfectly with a lot of nails colors, ranging from nude to black. Some even look like artwork made right on your nails. So you can definitely pick out some that best fits your sense of beauty and your own need.


If you have got your nails foiled beautifully, you will fall in love with these gold foil nail designs immediately. They’re chic. Absolutely. You look pretty cool with a gold foil nail design. Going to work, hanging out with friends, attending a party, these gold foil nails are enough to give you confidence and charm. Many brides even prefer having these nail styles for their wedding day. They create a charming contrast with their white dress, making them gorgeous in the way they’re supposed to be. And you, ready to give these a go?

1. Elegant Gold Foil Nails

2. Marble Oval Gold Foil Nails

3. Chic Pink Oval Nails with Gold Foil

4. Charcoal Grey and Gold Foiled Nails

5. Cute Gold Foil White Nails

6. Black Stiletto Nails with Gold Foil

7. Natural Nails with Gold Foil Tips

8. Purple Gold Foil Nails

9. Gold Foil Marble Nails With Turquoise Gellack

10. Blue Almond Nails with Gold Foil