25 Plants That You Can Easily Propagate From Hardwood Cuttings

25 Plants That You Can Easily Propagate From Hardwood Cuttings

#11 Mock Orange

The mock orange is easy to take hardwood cuttings from. Just wait until after the plant has flowered to prune it, and then take your cutting, you’ll find that it produces gorgeous and strong canes for you to produce new plants from.

#12 Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants are fruit-bearing plants that produce tantalizing berries in shades of white, red, or black. With thick, straight stems, blackcurrant branches are perfect for taking hardwood cuttings.

#13 Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon can also be easily cultivated from a hardwood cutting. It is a shrub that produces many attractive flowers and can grow both in partial shade and full sun.

#14 Hydrangea

Hydrangeas can be grown from hardwood cuttings.

#15 Fig

The fig is another kind of plant that can produce glorious hardwood cuttings. Take one that’s between six and twelve inches long, ideally from a branch half an inch in diameter.

#16 Forsythia

Forsythia is a common ornamental plant and it’s also easy to propagate from hardwood cutting.

#17 Weigela

All of Weigela can be grown from hardwood cuttings. These full-sun perennials can occasionally be grown in partial shade, but the best colors appear in full sun.

#18 Grape

While some people propagate grapevines in the early spring, you can also do this from a hardwood cutting. Just make sure you use a bit of rooting hormone.

#19 Juniper

The essential oil of this juniper shrub which is used to treat bronchitis, and the berries of which are used in gin. This is yet another shrub that can be grown from a hardwood cutting.

#20 Physocarpus Opulifolius

This unique plant grows easily from a cutting.

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