25 Red Flowers to Brighten Up Your Garden and Home with Bold Color

25 Red Flowers to Brighten Up Your Garden and Home with Bold Color

#11 Dahlia

These gorgeous perennials come in a wide array of colors and are known for their distinctive petal formations.

#12 Red Marigold

Marigolds can range from pale yellow to a deep, russety red. And they’re very easy to grow.

#13 Hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers only last a day or two but they are quickly replaced by new blooms. You can also collect the petals and dry them, then steep them as tea, or use them in recipes like hibiscus-mint lemonade.

#14 Anthurium

Anthurium’s heart-shaped leaves can last for months and will re-bloom year-round with proper care.

#15 Cardinal Flower

Cardinal Flower prefers the wet soil of meadows and marshes.

#16 Anenome

These poppy-like flowers are very low maintenance. They blossom in early to mid-spring and are happiest in partial shade to full sun.

#17 Begonia

Begonia is fairly easy to grow. Remove dead flowers, leaves, and stems daily for the plant to truly thrive.

#18 Red Sunflower

Red Sunflower is a result of breeding.

#19 Camellia

Camellia states flower blooms in winter. It prefers partial shade and consistently moist, rich soil.

#20 Pentas

Pentas can humidity, drought, and heat-tolerant plant, they produce clusters of flowers attract bees and butterflies.

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