25 Smart DIY Wine Barrel Project For Garden and Home

by Marry Dell

    You are having some barrels lying around your home, apart from throwing them, don’t have any ideas to upcycle them. Congratulation when you are staying in the right place, here are a few DIY upcycling barrel projects to inspire you. From tables, planters to ingeniously repurposed sinks, you won’t run out of things to do with those barrels you have lying around.
    25 Smart DIY Wine Barrel Project For Garden and Home
    Although barrels are useful as it is, when you have more than what you need, it gets a bit tricky storing them. They will take up your space, so reuse is one of the most creative ways. With these ideas, you will have to spend your minimal space and a little of your labor to transform them into your own works. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use in any season. It’s time to try them!

    #1 Spilled Flower Bed in a Wine Barrel

    #2 DIY Wine Barrel Water Fountain

    #3  Barrel Succulent Planter

    #4 Wine Barrel Fairy Garden

    #5 Barrel Pond Garden

    #6 Whiskey Barrel Train Planter

    #7 Prairie Wheel Suspended Barrel Garden

    #8 Boutique Street Posy Planter

    #9 Half-Barrel Garden Planter

    #10 Kinkade Lantern Wine Barrel Planter

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