26 Backyard Retaining Wall and Terraced Garden Ideas

26 Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas

When it comes to retaining walls, most of you will think that they just help to level out a garden by providing strength, prevent erosion, control rainwater runoff, and create terraced levels for garden beds. After reading this article, you will have to think again. In addition to completing well their main missions, they also are the unsung hero of outdoor design, working quietly in the background to fulfill a very important job – keeping your garden gorgeous.
26 Backyard Retaining Wall and Terraced Garden Ideas
That is the reason why today we’ve collected 26 spectacular backyard retaining wall ideas that can also make a property look effortlessly sophisticated no matter what design style you’re working with. They will work well their mission as you desired. So, if you are planning for your next landscaping projects, these ideas here are smart choices. We hope you’ll enjoy this unique collection and find inspiration for your own garden!

#1 Gabion Wire Wall

#2 Mixed Materials

#3 Add Steps

#4 Add Lighting

#5 Include A Water Feature

#6 Firepit Feature

#7 Living Wall

#8 White and Natural

#9 Raised Planter Bed

#10 Cubbyhouse

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