26 Best Beautiful Trees You Can Grow As Houseplants In Your Living Space

by Marry Dell

    In addition to growing houseplants to give your living space a green nature, these 26 Best Beautiful Trees You Can Grow As Houseplants In Your Living Space are also great options. Each is a great gift of nature and brings different benefits such as changing the tone of a room, purifying the air, bringing health and luck for homeowners. There are many reasons why you should grow them in your home.
    26 Best Beautiful Trees You Can Grow As Houseplants In Your Living Space
    They’re great to sit at any corner of the house. For example, you can put them in the living room or kitchen, on the porch, or near the window. They will all make you satisfied with the landscape around the house. And if you are worried about how to take care of them, it isn’t a problem here. They are easy with basic care moisture soil, sunlight about 6 to 8 hours per day, even some can grow low light or indirect light. Take them a look, pick out some of your favorite and grow them.

    #1 Dwarf Umbrella Tree

    Source: Bunches

    Dwarf Umbrella Tree grows well in bright filtered light. It showcases bright green and glossy leaflets that grow in the shape of a spiral wheel.

    #2 Triangle Ficus

    Source: Houseplant411

    Triangle Ficus is easy to maintain and displays gorgeous-looking triangular leaves.

    #3 Bamboo Tree

    Source: 24homely

    If you want to grow a Bamboo Tree indoors, give it a large pot and place it in indirect light with proper air circulation.

    #4 Giant Bird of Paradise

    Source: Greeneryunlimited

    Giant Bird of Paradise shows case large banana-like leaves and crane-shaped flowers in magnificent orange hues. It can achieve 6-8 feet tall indoors.

    #5 Guiana Chestnut

    Source: Thespruce

    In Feng Shui, Guiana Chestnut is known for its power to bring prosperity and money. It is a slow-growing indoor plant and easy to grow with just a little care.

    #6 Ponytail Palm

    Source: Bhg

    Ponytail Palm has its bulbous trunk and set of strappy leaves that make it looks different and attractive.

    #7 Newzealand Laurel

    Source: Unknow

    Newzealand Laurel puts off oval-shaped, glossy leaves, it looks great in living rooms with big windows.

    #8 Lady Palm

    Source: Plantz

    Lady Palm features finger-shaped leaves, the fanned branches.

    #9 Panama Orange

    Source: Bhg

    You can grow a lemon tree in a sunny window for its best growth.

    #10 Lacy Leaf Philodendron

    Source: Homeguidessfgate

    Lacy Leaf Philodendron displays huge glossy leaves that make it become a point in your living room

    #11 Dragon Tree

    Source: Houseofplants

    Dragon Tree shows off its slender, thin fronds having red edges. It needs an amount of sun to thrive.

    #12 Egyptian Papyrus

    Source: Crocus

    Egyptian Papyrus can grow up to 6-7 feet in height indoors if it gets partial sunlight.

    #13 European Olive

    Source: Myperfectplants

    European Olive can grow well in containers indoors for a short period of time. After that, let’s move it outside during the summer months.

    #14 Natal Mahogany

    Source: Vintagerevivals

    Natal Mahogany showcases deep green foliage and feather-shaped leaves that make it become an attractive addition to your home.

    #15 Rubber Tree

    Source: Happyhouseplants

    A rubber Tree is a low-maintenance indoor tree that you can grow easily.

    #16 Norfolk Island Pine

    Source: Brighterblooms

    Norfolk Island Pine has pines and soft needles that look like a Christmas tree. Grow it in A south or west-facing window for the best growth.

    #17 Australian Tree Fern

    Source: Magnolia

    Australian Tree Fern features serrated foliage atop a furry/woody ‘trunk’. Also, it can achieve an impressive height make it stand out.

    #18 Majesty Palm

    Source: Urbanpalms

    Majesty Palm gives you its natural beauty by showing off its regal fronds.

    #19 Candelabra Cactus

    Source: Crocus

    Candelabra Cactus is a great plant that you can grow indoors with just basic care.

    #20 Fishtail Palm

    Source: Fastgrowingtrees

    Fishtail Palm features bright and lush foliage that has jagged edges, which gives it a unique look.

    #21 Yucca

    Source: Thespruce

    Yucca is a low-maintenance plant with just needs low light.

    #22 Banana Tree

    Source: Thespruce

    Banana Tree has giant leaves that can brighten up any space. Dwarf varieties are perfect options to grow in pots indoors.

    #23 Weeping Fig

    Source: Bhg

    Weeping Fig features lush foliage and fuss-free nature. Growing it in a place that gets a bright source of light to help it thrives and keep showing off its beauty in your home.

    #24 Corn Plant

    Source: Fastgrowingtrees

    The Corn Plant is an easy-to-grow tree. It has a strong upright form that makes it perfect for any room in your house.

    #25 Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Source: Thesill

    Fiddle Leaf Fig has broad, fiddle-shaped leaves. If you are finding a plant that has green look, it is a great option.

    #26 Parlor Palm

    Source: Thespruce

    Parlor Palm is known as the bamboo palm, it is great in a colonial-style decoration.

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