26 Creative And Cool Vertical Garden Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Do you lack space? Why you don’t think to grow a tall garden that turns walls into living art and doesn’t take up too much room. Vertical gardening is a great way to fill up your boring space in your home. For good reasons, we are so glad to introduce 26 creative and cool vertical garden ideas for those who love gardening and green space.
    26 Creative And Cool Vertical Garden Ideas
    These ideas here can incorporate fresh herbs you can easily produce include in the kitchen, or bring green plants to your life that can close to nature more. Have you ever imagined that you can incorporate fresh basil into that pasta sauce without going outside to buy or walking in your garden under the heat of the sun? With vertical gardens, it’s super simple. In addition, you also won’t have to worry about traditional gardening tasks that include pest control, taking care of weeds and overall care. It’s time to try these ideas here!

    #1 Vertical Gardens Come In Many Forms

    #2 Chalkboard Planter

    #3 Upcycled Food Tins

    #4 Succulents In Wood Frame

    #5 Self-Watering Wall Planter

    #6 Copper Wall Planters

    #7 Compact Vertical Garden Kit

    #8 Concrete Block Garden

    #9 Canvas Wall Pocket Garden

    #10 Gutter Garden

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