26 Creative DIY Kitchen Utensil Holders

26 Creative DIY Kitchen Utensil Holders

Love cooking means your kitchen always have enough utensil to serve your cooking process. But after those delicious and tasty dishes, you will have a big problem- arranging them in order. Don’t worry when you are reading this post today. Here we’ve collected great ideas to squeeze in all your kitchen tools in your limited space without going nuts.
26 Creative DIY Kitchen Utensil Holders
Scrolling down, you will see that they are so convenient, right? Some are so cute, others are recycled from old items, but no matter what they are made of and how to look, they have the same advantage – optimize any space of your kitchen without breaking your budget. All it takes is your creative skills and keen eyes to spot the things that are lying inside your home and turn them into something special such as wine cork, old window, tin can candy, …and then grab some paint and use them to create your own kitchen utensil holders. Try now!

#1 Repurposed Wine Cork Utensil Organizer

#2 Wooden Wall Holder

#3 Upcycled Tin Can Candy

#4 Lego Blocks

#5 Crafty Boxes

#6 Hanging Ladder Pot Rack

#7 Pots And Pans Pegboard

#8 Pots And Pans Pegboard

#9 Upcycled Thrift Store Vases

#10 Wooden Utensil Box