26 Old Silverware And Kitchen Item Projects For Your Garden

by Marry Dell

    Do you know that whether silverware is old or new, it can do way more than you previously thought it could? In fact, we found 26 ways that you can make something amazing with your old silverware or kitchen items. No matter what you are looking to update and continue to use your old forks, knives, and spoons for eating or you want to try your hand at making some super creative home decor, you are sure to find some projects you love here. In addition, many of these projects require little time and only a pair of scissors, and of course, the repurposed bottles are free.
    26 Old Silverware And Kitchen Item Projects For Your Garden
    Some are so simple without any of your handful skills, simply fill up soil and choose plants that you want to grow. Others are crafts such as wind chimes made out of spoons and teapot, garden markers from wine corks, planters from fry pan or funnels, and more. They have the same point is – all of these are easy and fun to complete. They are completely great for use in both your garden and home. After reading this post, you will know that creativity is unlimited, it might be made out of the simplest things and these ideas here are awesome examples. Get some ideas here and try them!

    #1 Tin Can Herb Garden

    Source: Diyjoy

    #2 Hanging Mason Jar Planter

    Source: Ramshackleglam

    #3 Using Half Plastic Bottle To Protect Young Plants

    Source: Bystephanielynn

    #4 Upcycled Plastic Bottle To Create Greenhouse

    Source: Lushome

    #5 Eggshell Seed Starters

    Source: Diyjoy

    #6 Suuclent Ladle Planter

    Source: Dishfunctionaldesigns

    #7 Newspaper Seed Starter

    Source: Eatwell101

    #8 Tin Can Planter For Windows

    Source: Mireiodesigns

    #9 Coconut Planter

    Source: Tumblr

    #10 Hanging Glass Jar Candle Holder

    Source: Nowtolove

    #11 Unused Light Bulb Planters

    Source: Heypretty

    #12 Impressive Flower Idea

    Source: Freshideen

    #13 Funnel Planter

    Source: Mypaintedgarden

    #14 Rusty Pan Planter

    Source: Ranchoreubidoux

    #15 Pot Flower Planter

    Source: Japaneseflowergarden

    #16 Spoon Hook and Mason Jar Planter

    Source: Hutchstudio

    #17 Grow Succulents In Old Strainers

    Source: Refabdiaries

    #18 Teapot Wind Chime

    Source: Cindy Bouse Adams

    #19 Cool Garden Marker

    Source: Diyeverywhere

    #20 Old Plate And Empty Bottle Create A Focal Point In The Garden

    Source: Empressofdirt

    #21 Bird Feeder Made Out Of Teacup And Spoon

    Source: Alisoncoldridge

    #22 Painted Bottle Chimes

    Source: Christy Tascher

    #23 Repurposed Pot Lid Project

    Source: Theownerbuildernetwork

    #24 Pitcher and Bowl with Succulents

    Source: Amazon

    #25 DIY Spilling Solar String Lights

    Source: Thenavagepatch

    #26 Funky Upcycling Idea

    Source: Naturalnewagemum

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