26 Pallet Home Decor Ideas

by Marry Dell

    You are a DIY lover, you absolutely will fall in love with the 26 Pallet Home Decor Ideas today. They are easy to make and recycle to turn into unique pieces of your own furniture. From an outdoor sofa, shoe storage, dining table, to shelf, there are many different projects you can choose from and try crafting. Some are ideal for beginners while others require more technical expertise. Check them out with us!
    26 Pallet Home Decor Ideas
    Pallets are one of the most popular recycling and repurposing materials. They have endless potential can be transformed into a lot of stunning DIY projects serve for home. If they are cleaned, sanded, and polished, they can be turned into countless functional and beautiful home implements. You also disassemble them into wood planks to use easier for any size of furniture project. After your reading is done, we hope that you will get inspired and see what you can make from wood pallets.

    #1 Hanging Pallet Idea

    Source: Diypallet.selbermachendeko

    #2 Multi-Purpose Entryway Side Table

    Source: Astucesdefilles

    #3 Pallet Shelf Decor Idea

    Source: De.dawanda

    #4 Pallet Furniture Idea

    Source: 1001pallets

    #5 Pallet Table

    Source: Achadosdedecoracao

    #6 Rustic Bathroom Idea

    Source: 1001pallets

    #7 4th of July Party Idea

    Source: Savingbydesign

    #8 Veggie And Fruit Storage Rack

    Source: 1001pallets

    #9 Pallet Bookcase

    Source: Artsdeco

    #10 Pallet Coffee Bar

    Source: Recyclart

    #11 DIY Pallet Shelf

    Source: Homesthetics

    #12 Pallet Bench In Front Of The Home

    Source: Manualidadeseli

    #13 Pallet Mudroom Organiser

    Source: Etsy

    #14 Pallet Sofa And Table For Living Room

    Source: Deco-recup

    #15 Balcony Pallets Sofa

    Source: Homedit

    #16 Home Office Pallet Desk

    Source: Solteirasnoivascasadas

    #17 Pallet Room Divider

    Source: Diys

    #18 Pallet Dining Table

    Source: Archzine

    #19 Inspiring Green Design Idea to Recycle Wood Pallets

    Source: Lushome

    #20 Pallet Chandeliers

    Source: Abecedazahrady

    #21 Easy DIY Coffee Mug Holder

    Source: Trucsetbricolages

    #22 Re-purposed Crate Shelving

    Source: Renoguide

    #23 Kid’s Toy Storage Box

    Source: Renoguide

    #24 Rustic Bathroom Mirror Made From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

    Source: Etsy

    #25 Vintage Pallet Tray

    Source: Pinterest

    #26 Pallet Planter Box

    Source: Etsy

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