27 Delightful Succulent Garden Ideas For Your Backyard

27 Delightful Succulent Garden Ideas For Your Backyard

#11 I Wish I Were A Wishing Well

A tiny wishing well, three miniature fountain dishes on their respective pedestal stands, an almost hidden tiny Bambi, and a traditional white picket fence add all the charm in the world to this wonderful collection in a backwoods setting.

#12 Path Of The Chameleon

Yes, it can also be a lizard, but chameleon sounds much classier. Then again, it can be whatever you want your new succulent garden to have as a lead design pattern.

#13 Up Against The Wall

Elaborating on the ongoing and exploding vertical garden wall phenomenon, let’s have a look at this exquisitely designed succulent garden wall decor.

#14 My Cup Runneth Over

An old garden watering can, or large canister filled with overflowing succulent flowers makes one interesting piece in your garden.

#15 Square-Peg Pete

Especially attractive in a seashore setting, this small and easy to make design is just what you need to accent the mood of the ocean.

#16 Sea Of Glass

Particularly suited for a medium-sized space in a backyard, this arrangement is great for having several paths leading to glass containers.

#17 Going Natural

An old piece from a dried-up tree trunk adds a distinctive touch to this rustic-like design. Simply fill up the open spaces with specially-formulated cactus soil and insert a succulent plant in each of the openings.

#18 Blue Strawberry Fields

If you have a large-sized ceramic or terracotta strawberry jar container, and have it glazed or painted blue, then you’re set to display this enchanting design in your succulent garden.

#19 Fin-De-Sie-Cle

Surround the area with more fat, juicy succulents of every kind and color, and insert other cuttings according to your taste. Uniquely beautiful, this is a perfect point of interest to have by a coffee table with one or two chairs by the side.

#20 Meditation Walk

A lovely path to take to nowhere especially, this walkway will bring out the inspirational side of all who see it. Feel free to insert other greenery between each stepping stone space to give an overall charming floating effect.

#21 Succulence In A Birdcage

One birdcage, one stand to hang it from and a good assortment of plants will give this display a pleasing appearance almost anywhere you put it, place inside or outside of your home.

#22 Skyscrapers In The Sun

Here’s one display for those of you who simply must have a desert-like theme on your home or business property. This is one setting that’s just right for a side walkway or front way too.

#23 Boots On The Ground

Old walking shoes or marching boots are all you’ll need for this particular design. Stuff with soil, your preferred succulent plant and you’ll have a perfect conversation piece for your next garden club tea. Simply leave the boots in any space in your garden, and be prepared for the surprising comments.

#24 Rack Against A Wall

If you have an old piece of the wooden pallet in your yard, don’t throw it out. It could form the perfect backdrop to help decorate a plain ugly wall or plain wood fence in your back or front yard. Decorate away with your preferred succulent choices, and you have a unique, rustic style decor or accessory for your garden space.

#25 A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

Using an old fountain dish or birdbath dish, you may or may not decide to use solar-infused energy lights to give this piece an enchanting feel and mood.

#26 My Uncontained Rainbow Container

As a centerpiece, this container within another container, your garden, serves its purpose well in whatever place you put it in.

#27 Out-Of-The-Box Garden

This design is excellent for placing on a table, as a garden bed, or arranging several of this outside on your garden grounds.

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