27 Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

by Marry Dell

    When it comes to open kitchen shelving, you might be quick to rule it out for some reason like it is easy to dust, or you don’t know quite how to style the shelves, or you’re just worried about how to install them. We’re here to help and show you the beauty that open shelves can add to your kitchen, no matter its size or style. Ditching cabinets and embracing sleek shelves can help turn your kitchen into the open space you always dreamed about.
    27 Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas
    Open shelves can instantly add depth, make a room feel more inviting, and make it easier to organize your stuff in the kitchen. Whether you’re considering them for your kitchen or just as part of your pantry organization setup, these kitchen shelving ideas will help steer you in the right direction. Once you reach the end of this gallery, you’ll feel much more confident about applying this kitchen trend to your own home.

    #1 Simple Open Shelving for Coffee Corner

    #2 Open Kitchen Shelving under Kitchen Set

    #3 Farmhouse Floating Kitchen Shelving

    #4 Raw Wood Kitchen Shelving

    #5 White Minimalist Kitchen Shelving

    #6 Simple Modern Kitchen Shelving

    #7 Open Shelving on Sparkling Kitchen

    #8 Stainless Steel Shelving

    #9 Open Row Kitchen Shelving

    #10 Corner Vintage Kitchen Shelving

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