28 Spectacular Backyard Garden Waterfall Projects

28 Spectacular Backyard Garden Waterfall Projects

#11 Waterfalls Are Great To Organize A Romantic Picnic Near By

#12 Contemporary Waterfall Would Make Even A Small Pond Shine

#13 Stone Bowls Are Perfect For Modern Backyard Waterfalls.

#14 If Your Backyard Is Located On Sloping Slope Then It’s Really Logical To Build A Waterfall There.

#15 Waterfalls Help Contemporary Pools To Fit Natural Environments Better.

#16 A Two-tiered Stone Waterfall With A Shallow Pool Sits Just Off The Edge Of A Flagstone Patio With A Small Fire Pit

#17 A Three-tiered Stone Waterfall That Ends In A Tiny But Deep Well, The Ground Surrounding It Is Covered In Thick Moss And Algae

#18 Vessel-shaped Stone Pools Are Stacked To Crate A Three-tiered Waterfall Tumbling Into A Small Pool.

#19 A Small Waterfall Leads Out From Between Flowered Bushes And Splashes Down Into A Shallow, Winding Stone Stream Ending In A Larger Pond

#20 A Rambling Downhill Stream Empties Into A Large Garden Pond With A Patch Of Lilypads At The Center

#21 Another Look At The Stone Waterfall And Pond With The Fairy Sculpture

#22 This Garden Waterfall Has A Small Ledge Of Rock Extending Like A Miniature Bridge Over One Of The Falls

#23 A Garden Waterfall Surrounded By Beautiful, Colorful Patches Of Flowers In Purple And Yellow.

#24 A Small Waterfall And Continues Into A Small River That Winds Throughout The Backyard

#25 A Stone Garden Waterfall Near The Side Of The Home Surrounded By Large Tropical Plants

#26 A Stream With Multiple Waterfalls Rolling Through A Japanese Zen Garden

#27 A Winding Stream Follows The Long Stone Stairway Down To This Patio

#28 A Floral Carpet Surrounds This Beautiful Waterfall, Which Leads Into A Crystal Blue Pond.

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