28 Vintage and Charm Storage Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Your home is overload because of too many things to store. They make your living space become unsightly. Here we have one solution for you. Vintage storage ideas! Even if everything in the room isn’t retro, vintage-style storage solutions also add timeless character that can really pull a room together and clutter-controlling storage space in your house. And here are 28 Vintage and Charm Storage Ideas to inspire your next organizational spree.
    28 Vintage and Charm Storage Ideas
    Taking them a look, you will see that these don’t have to be high-end antiques; flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores all offer unique pieces that might suit your needs just perfectly. Whether the items come from an antique store or are replicas that just look old, they all deliver exactly what’s needed, more places to store things. In addition, one of the great things about vintage pieces is that it’s easy to re-purpose them or use them in creative ways.

    #1 Side Table and Upholstered Stool Boxes

    #2 Aged Rustic Cage Fabric Holder

    #3 Hanging Canvas Bag Laundry Sorters

    #4 Upcycled Tin Can Storage Containers

    #5 Painted Crates Stylish Bookshelf Tower

    #6 ‘60s Faux Leather Ottoman Storage

    #7 Vintage Storage and Coffee Table

    #8 Vanity Storage Set from Vintage Luggage

    #9 Three-tiered Wire Storage Racks

    #10 Whitewashed Shutter Storage Basket

    Whitewashed Shutter Storage Basket and Toilet Paper Dispenser - Decoration Ideas

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