29 Mind-blowing Mason Jar Wall Decor Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Not only for food storage or organizing bulk grains and spices, but mason jars are also beyond their use. That is decoration! Do you know that mason jars lend an authentic feel to the rustic DIY decor in your home? Follow us and see these photos today, they will prove that artistically implemented mason jar wall decor ideas can make any wall sparkle and full of color. Of course, they will inspire you, here we go!
    29 Mind-blowing Mason Jar Wall Decor Ideas
    Take them a look, they are so pretty to stand out any space in your home, right? Whether you’re decorating an apartment or showcasing your artisan crafts, these mason jars will help add interesting to your works. Just with a little imagination and technical skill, Mason jars can become effective lanterns or decor items. All ideas here will showcase the true creative power of these iconic vintage canning jars. They are easy to make, so let’s choose some that you love and try, they promise to keep you amazed.

    #1 Rustic Flower Vase Mason Jar Wall Decor

    #2 Lovely Mason Jar Wall Decor With Key

    #3 Pallet Planter Earthy Mason Jar Wall Art

    #4 Upcycled Drawer Mason Jar Flower Wall Decor

    #5 Purple Flower Whitewashed Mason Jar Wall Decor

    #6 Mason Jar Six-Planter Earthy Wall Set

    #7 Vintage Atlas Mason Jar Flower Holder

    #8 Painted Planters Mason Jar Wall Decor

    #9 Wooden Base Metal Hanger for Mason Jar

    #10 Shabby Chic Shiplap and White Mason Jar

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