30 Amazing Air Plant Display Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Air plant is one of the houseplants that don’t require many cares but it can bring the beauty of freshness and elegance. That is the reason why it is chosen by many people with a decorative purpose to increase green space for the house. In addition, this plant also is good for your health because it can absorb toxic gases and help regenerate oxygen in the atmosphere.
    30 Amazing Air Plant Display Ideas
    Not just that, the air plant is easy to decorate and set indoors because it doesn’t need to be planted with soil, this gives you freely creative without worrying about the crumbs of soil that will dirty your floor. And in this post, we are happy to share 30 amazing air plant display ideas that will inspire you. With these ideas, you can place them in any space of the house such as the living room, kitchen room, or bedroom. No matter where you display them, your space all will have the best beauty.

    #1 Using An Old Bulb As A Planter

    #2 Attach The Air Plant To The Cork

    #3 Glass Terrariums For The Air Plants

    #4 Another Appealing Air Plant Display Idea

    #5 A Clear Glass Bottle For The Air Plant

    #6 An Impressive Cork To Display The Air Plant

    #7 An Air Plant Frame

    #8 An Edgy and Beautiful Spiral Table Holder

    #9 Use Earthenwares For The Air Plant

    #10 This Gift Is For Your Desk

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