30 Amazing Garden Ideas For Sticks & Twigs

I just love garden works made from twigs, sticks, and branches. They are budget-friendly, but offer more than you think. Not only does these make the plants grow better and produce more, they also create a striking space in your garden. A cucumber trellis, for instance, can be a place for the kids to play in. Amazing?

30 Amazing Garden Ideas For Sticks & Twigs

And, here are 30 amazing garden ideas for sticks and twigs you should try. Trellises, plant supports and garden artwork are gathered in the list. Some of them are easy to make while some need more effort and expense. Some can be DIY family projects while some require more help. You just need to pick out ones that are customized to you. Giving these a try, and you are making full use of garden space, and adding a new appearance for it. A place that you can relax and harvest clean vegetables. Who can resist?

#1 Espalier Garden Bench

#2 Stick & String Lattice

#3 Obelisk made with Sticks & Branches

#4 Willow Sweet Pea Arch

#5 Twig Plant Markers

#6 Nature’s Birdhouse

#7 Simple Stick Fence

#8 Willow Tomato Cage

#9 Living Willow Playhouse

#10 Globe Plant Support

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