30 Amazing Uses Of Egg Shells You Should Read

by Sasha Ridley

    Eggs are a rich source of protein for daily meals. They’re additionally lower in carbs than meats and seafood. That’s why low-carb dieters and healthy eaters love them for meals. The point here is not many of us know how to reuse egg shells. A trash thing can be a treasure when used probably. For instance, you can scare off pests in your garden if sprinkling some broken egg shells in places where they most visit.

    30 Amazing Uses Of Egg Shells You Should Read

    And, here are 30 amazing uses of egg shells that you should read. They’re all useful for your life. When I find coffee a bit bitter for me, I boil an egg shell and place it into the coffee cup. This tip does excellently. It’s also save and doesn’t cost you a penny. A lot of good things are gathered here. All you need to do is give it a look. Let’s dive right in!

    #1 Plant with Egg Shells

    Egg shells can serve as a pot for plants. Hollow out your egg shells, fill with soil,  and start with your seedling. You can also then replant these plants into the ground with egg shells. They help compost add calcium to soil around it.

    #2 Toss Them in Your Coffee

    If you want to make your coffee less bit, just boil egg shells and place them in your coffee. Then, let them to steep to kill some of the bitter flavors.

    #3 Add Calcium to Your Garden

    Egg shells compost and give a calcium boost to the soil around it. All you need to do is to sprinkle some egg shells around plants like tomatoes or peppers.

    #4 Chicken Feed

    Egg shells are a great and inexpensive calcium supplement that chickens need. Just to toss them back to your chickens.

    #5 Kick the Pests Out

    Chicken shells can also repel pests in your garden. Sprinkle some broken egg shells in places that pests visit often, then slugs and other soft shelled pests will leave your garden.

    #6 Compost

    Toss egg shells into a compost pile, and they’ll break down and create a fine compost for your plants to grow in.

    #7 Miniature Vases

    These cute litte vases should be appeared at any house.

    #8 Add to Potting Soil

    Adding crushed egg shells into potting soil will improve the quality of the soil, then, makes the plants grow better.

    #9 Sidewalk Toy

    Kids always love sidewalk toys made with egg shells. It’s fun and inexpensive.

    #10 Help Clear Your Skin

    Combine egg shells and vinegar apple cider in a bowl and let it soak for a couple of days. Dab the mixture on minor skin irritations or on itchy skin.

    #11 Toss It in Your Stock

    If you want to give your broth an calcium boost, you can add egg shells into it.

    #12 Pot Scrubbers

    A useful tip that any need to know. Toss egg shells in the pot with some soap and warm water, then they will break up and become abrasive to remove dirt.

    #13 Whiter Whites

    You’ll be glad to know that shells can deal with dingy white clothes. Place your egg shells in a lingerie bag with some lemon slices. Then put them in a wash cycle with whites.

    #14 Use the Membrane

    The membrane of the egg shells can enhance healing for cuts and splinters. When you have a cut, just place a piece of the shell on the cut with the membrane on the cut itself.

    #15 Bake in Them

    You can definitely bake a flavorful cake in egg shells.

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