30 Awesome Entryway Decor Ideas That You Will Be Amazed

by Sasha Ridley

    What is the first thing that grasps your eyes when entering a house? The entryway is a persuasive answer. You know why, right? You have to stop here for a while, take your shoes off and hang your coat on the clothes rack. Many homeowners install a storage bench or a shoe rack right at the doorway. And it always attracts the attention of everyone stepping into their house for the first time.

    This post is written with this aim. It shares 30 entryway decor ideas that you will be amazed. These exciting projects work with both houses and apartments. Farmhouse storage benches, wall-hanging mirrors, houseplant pots – they are all introduced here. Many of them can be added to DIY projects at the weekend if you have enough time and interest. They will spruce up your entryway, creating a stunning focal point for your home. Let’s check them out!

    1. Chic and Stylish Boho Entryway

    2. DIY Farmhouse Console Table

    3. Entryway with Wooden Bench, Shoe Racks, and Bag Racks

    4. Housewarming Staircase Entryway

    5. Stylish Entryway with Hanging Mirror and Dresser

    6. Charming and Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Entryway

    7. Entryway and Mudroom

    8. Elegant Entryway

    9. Cozy and Inviting Entryway with Plants

    10. Staircase Entry Table with Drawers and Storage Space

    11. Another Inviting Farmhouse Entryway with Photographic Prints

    12. Cozy, Rustic Entry Way with Wooden Bench and Pillows

    13. Simple Entryway In No Time

    14. Beautiful Cottage Entryway

    15. Simple and Affordable Fall Entryway

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