30+ Awesome Red Manicure Ideas To Copy

by Fannie

    Now, nail art has developed into a thriving industry. As a result, there are millions of options available to you when choosing the color for your fingertips. However, red is always a top priority worth considering. This elegant color is classic and fashionable at the same time. It denotes sexiness, strong emotions, and femininity. Also, red connotes danger, power, passion, desire, and love.

    As mentioned above, the red manicure is stylish and meaningful, so of course, you want to try it. However, the red nail does not only mean the traditional candy apple. There are thousands of shades and designs that you can apply. Therefore, we’ve gathered some of the best red nail art here. Look through all of these suggestions to find inspiration for your upcoming salon visit.


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    Any finish—from satin to sparkle or high-shine—looks terrific with red nails. Nevertheless, you might want to try a matte top coat to give your scarlet manicure a modern vibe. Another great option for you is combining matte red nails with a sparkly feature nail.


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    Love heart tips, which are subtle, adorable, and flirtatious, are a common pick now. You can easily make them yourself at home. First, shape your nails into an almond, oval, or stiletto shape, then paint two curves to create a heart on each of them.


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    The pattern of sweet, luscious cherry is common on both clothing and nails. They can provide a splash of crimson to any outfit. Paint the double cherries on each nail, and you will have a cute outcome that will always make you think of long summer days. In addition, you can combine with traditional French manicures to add some 90s vibes.


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    If you love the vibes of 1960’s fashion, try red and white candy stripes on your nails. This sweet style is inspired by vintage treats and wrappers. You can try a simpler diagonal or vertical line pattern for an at-home manicure. That will be fun and save you a lot of money in tough economic times right now.


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    Metallic nail polish has been popular for a while and isn’t going to be over any time soon. Try it, then your manicure will stand out and draw attention from the crowd. It is made by combining your polish with “mirror” or “chrome” powder which you can create yourself at home with the correct equipment.

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