30 Beautiful Rose Tattoos You Will Crave

Rose tattoo is no stranger to us. You look elegant and stylish with it. You can have a rose tattoo on your wrist, forearm, ankle, chest, shoulder, waist, finger, or back. It may be a tiny or bigger one. It really depends. As I prefer pretty little things, I love having a tiny beautiful rose tattoo on my wrist. It’s a charming feature on your body!


In this post, we’re glad to share 30 beautiful rose tattoos that you will crave. If you’re having a tattoo, you should consider these. They come in many sizes and shapes, from simple to intricate ones. All you need to do here is to look through all and pick out a preferred design. Visit a tattoo shop and ask the tattooists to apply it to where you want it to sit in. Ready to give them a try? Here we go!

#1 Rose Tattoo Behind the Ear

#2 Beautiful Rose Shoulder Tattoo

#3 Cute Tiny Rose Tattoo on the Breast Side

#4 Rose Tattoo on the Waist

#5 Awesome Butterfly Rose Tattoo

#6 Matching Rose Tattoos

#7 Rose Tattoo on the Side Breast

#8 Rose Rib Tattoo

#9 Purple Rose Tattoo

#10 Rose Tattoo On The Thumbs

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