30 Beautiful Shelves For Plants To Bring Home

by Sasha Ridley

    If you want to build a small garden of plant pots, you may install a shelf for them. These shelves can be home to a variety of plants while saving a lot of space. They not only bring a beautiful green hue to your house but also create a stunning focal point for it. Who can keep their eyes off these plant shelves when getting in your house? To homeowners, taking care of these plants become an exciting daily habit. They find it happy and relaxing to do it.

    The list below is about 30 beautiful shelves for plants to bring home. They suggest both plant shelves for indoors and outs. The outdoor shelves are a bit bigger, so you can grow more plants there. It’s worth mentioning that these shelves can definitely be for DIY. You can repurpose old furniture objects or use available (or shoppable) materials like pallets to build your plant shelves. They are hardy and easy to proceed with. The weekend is coming. Let’s roll up your sleeves and give them a try!

    1. Fantastic Wood Log Plant Garden on Windowsill

    2. Beautiful Flower Shelf on Garden Fence

    3. Window Glass Plant Garden Shelf

    4. Metal Ladder Garden Plant Shelf

    5. Bathroom Floating Plant Garden

    6. Metal and Wood Plant Shelf for Outdoor

    7. Rustic DIY Garden Pallet Plant Shelf

    8. Indoor Ladder Frame Plant Shelf

    9. Balcony Hanging Garden Plant Shelf

    10. Wood Outdoor Plant Stand

    11. Window Hanging Shelf

    12. Wall-Hanging Plant Shelves over Bed

    13. Plant Shelf Cart

    14. Beautiful Wall Art with Plants

    15. DIY Floating Garden Shelves

    16. 3-Tier Outdoor Wood Design Flower Pot Shelf

    17. DIY Creative Garden Plant Shelf

    18. Simple DIY Plant Shelf

    19. Decorative Bathroom Plant Shelf

    20. 4-Tier Wall Shelf

    21. DIY Farmhouse Plant Shelf

    22. Coffee Table Plant Shelf

    23. Aesthetic Room Plant Shelf

    24. Modern Plant Shelves with Books

    25. Trio Pot Plant Shelf

    26. DIY Outdoor Plant Stand

    27. Simple, Rustic DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf

    28. Window Shelves for Plants

    29. Metal Shelves for a Beautiful Plant Garden

    30. Cinder Block Plant Garden Shelf

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