30 Beautiful Shrubs To Grow In Containers

30 Beautiful Shrubs To Grow In Containers

#21 Hibiscus

Hibiscus is the most popular flowering shrub. Growing hibiscus in a pot is not difficult. It has one of the most abundant flowers that come in a variety of colors and patterns. It has shallow roots so it adapts well in pots or containers.

#22 Hydrangea

With clusters of colorful flowers and big, dramatic leaves, hydrangea a is a stunning addition to any container garden. You can plant it in a large, beautiful pot. Don’t forget give it regular watering to enjoy beautiful bloom

#23 Lantana

This perennial evergreen shrub is one of the easiest to grow plants in a tropical climate. It thrives on neglect and blooms tirelessly throughout the year. Lantana flowers have fruity fragrance, they a come in a variety of colors.

#24 Lavender

Grow lavender in a pot with sufficient drainage. Keep it in full sun.

#25 Lilacs

If you love fragrance, you will love lilacs. Growing lilacs in containers are possible with care. Keep it in a location with full sun where it receives, at least six hours of sunlight daily.

#26 Magnolia

Fragrant and beautiful magnolia flowers add charm to any place. No matter how small your garden is, you can have it too.

#27 Crepe Myrtle

It is so beautiful, vibrant, and colorful. Dwarf, shrub-like varieties are suitable for containers. It is also maintenance free though requires regular pruning when grown in a pot.

#28 Peony

Climate— Peonies are extremely cold hardy, frost resistant and grow in the climates with mild summer. Stately and plump peony flowers are very large and often fragrant, single or double petaled.

#29 Rose

Planting shrub roses in pots is a good idea to decorate your house. However, roses require care and regular maintenance. s

#30 Spirea

It is a cold-hardy shrub but grows diversely in warm climates too. It requires slightly moist soil to grow.

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