30 Beautiful Tiny Ankle Tattoos For Women

Obsessed with tinny tattoos? They look pretty cool on your ankles, wrists, chest, shoulder, side breasts and back ears. They are a stunning point in where they’re applied. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, so surely keep you satisfied. The point here is just to pick out a favorite tattoo and save it until you’re ready to put it on. It hurts a bit like the ant bites but does not last so long. You’re doing tiny tattoos, aren’t you?


In this post, we’re glad to share 30 beautiful tiny ankle tattoos for women. If you’re having a tattoo on your ankles, these are an excellent suggestion. Some people decide to have a tattoo simply because they love it. Meanwhile, some take up tattoos that mean a lot to them. It may be a hint of the memory or something that motivates them. Words and date of birth are great examples. Let’s scroll down to get them all!

#1 Sleeping Cat Ankle Tattoo

#2 Galaxy In Miniature

#3 Whale Tattoo on the Ankle

#4 Ankle Bracelet

#5 Anchor Tattoo

#6 Paw Print Tattoo

#7 Flower Ankle Tattoo

#8 Floral Half Moon Ankle Tattoo with Words

#9 Cherry Blossom Phase Tattoo on the Ankle

#10 Tiny Daisy Tattoo on the Ankle

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