30 Beautiful Tiny Wrist Tattoos You Will Be Obsessed With

Itching to tiny yet pretty tattoos? This post is right up your street. It is an collection of 30 wrist tattoos that you will be obsessed with. They come in a varieties, ranging from inspiring words to beautiful rose shape. If you want to experience it, pick out a preferred tattoo design and ask the tattoo artist to do it for you. It does not require much time, guys. And you also do not get hurt as you think !


Many women love having a small tattoo on their wrists. It’s an ideal place to showcase or hide their tattoo. The reason is simple. The sleeves of winter clothes can cover it while summer outfits will cleverly show off it. If you get tattooed for the first time, these are a great recommendation. They’re small but enough make you prettier with them. Sometimes, your tattoo is a stunning feature of you. Let’s check them out!

#1 Small Flower Wrist Tattoo

#2 Tiny Paw Prints on the Wrist

#3 Cute Flower Vase Tattoo

#4 Chic Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

#5 Tiny Three-Leave Grass Tattoo

#6 Same Tattoo on the Wrist and Ankle

#7 Classy Wrist Tattoo

#8 Faith Christian Tattoo

#9 Lotus Tattoo

#10 Bracelet Tattoo

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