30 Best Plants That Can Grow Well In Lack Of Water

by Marry Dell

    Almost all plants need water to survive, but some can thrive in a water shortage environment, even in harsher conditions. If you are in an area with unfavorable weather, drought-tolerant trees are great ideas to grow in your house. And in the post today, we want to share the 30 Best Plants That Can Grow Well In Lack Of Water that you can easily plant.
    30 Best Plants Can Grow Well In Lack Of Water
    Thanks to their good drought tolerance, they can still grow in your oblivion of long traveling days. They also do not require too much of a good living condition such as soil, or nutrients. Thus, if you don’t have a lot of time to take care of them, you still will see that they can grow naturally and bloom brilliantly flowers. Others will not have flowers, but their beauty can’t be denied with a good-looking appearance. Each has its own beauty, and you will have different feelings when planting them. Let’s check them out with us.

    #1 Agave

    This plant store water in their thick foliage and send their roots deep below the soil surface to collect the water available.

    #2 Lithops

    Lithops are unique stone-like succulent plants. They are suitable houseplants, with very low watering requirements they are easy to keep.

    #3 Sedum

    Known for its resistance to drought, it just water it once a week in the spring and summer and, and once a month in winter. This plant grows well in all soil types and prefers plenty of light and sunshine.

    #4 Adenium

    Adenium is a tropical succulent plant that requires occasional watering. It needs full sun and heat to thrive.

    #5 Jade Plant

    The Jade plant is a popular succulent. It is also known as a money plant and believed to bring good luck to the owner. It requires full sun, well-drained soil, and average summer temperature.

    #6 Haworthia

    Hawarothias are small and beautiful succulent plants. They require partial sun, sandy soil, warm temperature, and moderate watering to grow.

    #7 Cactuses

    The cactuses not only need less water but also are low-maintenance and easy to grow. During the period of drought, these tough plants shrink and use the reserved water.

    #8 Blue Flame Cactus

    Blue flame cactus needs full sun and well-drained gravel mixed soil to grow.

    #9 Claret Cup Cactus

    This cactus plant can grow up to 3 feet and produces bright orange juicy fruits that have a strawberry-like taste.

    #10 Bougainvillea

    This bougainvillea is a champion in tolerating the drought. It seems to be one of the toughest shrubs that thrive on neglect in intense conditions.

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