30 Best Trendy Blue Nail Designs To Copy This Summer

Along with colorful nail arts and neon nail polish, blue nail designs are craved by young women these scorching summer days. You know why? They transmits the breeze of the sea. It’s a great yet affordable way to get into summer spirit. Some of the blue nail arts are even easy to do at home. You will get more fun if doing this with a bunch of your friends. Doing pretty little things for our nails is such an enjoyable process. Just see how your nails shine after that.


We’ve rounded up 30 best trendy blue nail designs to copy this summer. If you are finding chick make-up for your nails, these are the way to go. You can brush your nails with a single blue or some. This sound great! I also prefer combining blue with other colors, white and pink, for instance. It really depends. Each is enough to let your nails shine under the sunlight. Ready to give them a try?

#1 Royal Blue Matte Acrylic Nails

#2 Blue Marbe Arcylic Nails

#3 Nagel Acrylic Blue Pink

#4 Coffin Nails with Blues and White

#5 Coffin Acrylic Blue Nails

#6 Midnight Blue Nail Polish

#7 Glamorous Blues Nails

#8 Diamond Blue Nails

#9 Elegant Blue Nails with Glitter

#10 Beautiful Spuare Blue Nails