30 Best Trendy Houseplants For Girl’s Rooms

After a constantly tired day at work, we really need a retreat from hustle and bustle of city life. A cozy room with green plants makes a perfect spot. We can get a lot of relaxation when staying here. The green of plants not only adds more greenery to our space but also brings us peace in mind. It’s a part of nature and we, humans, can all stay calm when standing in front of it.

And here are 30 best trendy houseplants for girl’s rooms I would like to introduce today. If you want to grow some awesome plants in your rooms or daughter’s room, just give this collection a look. Some are incredibly easy to care for, succulents, for instance. Additionally, some look pretty on pots while some do best in hanging baskets. Your room would be more attractive with these indoor plants. Let’s check them out!

1. Croton

Croton brings energy and vibrance to the place. Place this plant in a room with big windows to make it look best.

2. Freckle Face Plant

This plant bears patterned leaves in stunning shades of pink, white, and red, adding a pop of color to your room. It looks attractive among other dark-colored houseplants.

3. Caladium

Caladiums are worth adding to this collection for their alluring colors and patterns. These houseplants do well in bright light, so you should place them near a window.

4. Hydrangea

The magical hydrangeas add a pop of color to your daughter’s room. Place this plant in the place where it receives plenty of sunlight.

5. Rose Painted Calathea

This houseplant features rosy-pink foliage with deep green edges and purple undersides, making it an excellent addition to rooms.

6. Anthurium Tickled Pink

This plant is known for its vibrant neon pink spathe that creates a fantastic contrast with its deep green foliage.

7. Assorted Colorful Succulents

Your room would never be boring with multiple succulents grown on a windowsill, hung on baskets, or planted in a dish.

8. Poinsettia

Having attractive red foliage and a bold texture, this plant can be a focal point of your room.

9. Bellflower

You can find bluebell in a variety of other shades. This plant looks smashing in hanging baskets too!

10. Rex Begonia

Rex begonias will amaze you with their stunning foliage. These captivating plants come in various shapes, colors, and patterns.

11. Silver Sword Philodendron

Featuring smooth and glossy foliage this plant looks lush in a sweet shade of gray-blue!

12. Earth Star

Like its name may suggest, the earth star looks like a star. It brings pink hues to your daughter’s room with colorful foliage. You can also find this plant in red, green, and white.

13. Peace Lily

Dramatic white spathes and large deep green foliage are what make peace lily stands out in rooms.

14. Coleus

Coleus also comes in hues of magenta, pink, and more. Place this magical plant in a bright window to make it look best.

15. Swallowtail Plant

This striking plant, with its wing-shaped foliage, resembles a butterfly with mahogany stripes!

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