30 Brilliant Square Nail Arts and Designs To Copy

If you are looking for pretty ideas that liven up your square-shaped nails, this post is right up your street. It shares 30 brilliant square nail arts and designs to copy. There are a lot of choices for you to pick out. They work for multiple purposes, from going to office to attending at hanging-out parties and gatherings. As it’s scorching out, we also round up nail styles that make you more stunning during this weather. It’s worth waiting for!


These square nails arts also work with those who do not have square nails. You can definitely do a make-up for your nails, give it a square shape, right? There is so much fun to change your nail shapes and decorate them with favorite ornaments. It’s a great way to give your nails a new look. Sometimes, pretty cute little things are enough to keep you pleased all day long. Ready to give them a try? Here we go!

#1 Nude and Orange Square Nails

#2 Pink Ombre Square Nails

#3 Cute Square Nails

#4 Multi-Color Square Nails

#5 Short Gel Square Nails

#6 Beautiful Nail Polish

#7 Flower Square Nails

#8 Pastel Square Nails

#9 Square Grey Nails

#10 Cute and Fresh Watermelon Nails

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