30 Charming DIY Fairy Gardens For Backyard

#11 Teacup Fairy Garden

You can also make a miniature fairy garden with your old teacup.

#12 Tiny Teardrop Camper

This adorable camper makes a an excellent material to build miniature fairy gardens. Don’t forget to decorate it with other tiny creatures!

#13 Fairy’s Best Friend

Man’s best friend is also fairy’s best friend.

#14 Fairy Garden Pedestal

Another miniature fairy house for your backyard garden.

#15 Indoor Fairy Garden

If you do not have much time for this DIY fairy backyard garden project, you may try this!

#16 Miniature Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Your succulents, herbs and flowers thrive in this fairy garden, making it a focal point of your backyard.

#17 Magical DIY Fairy House Planter

Find your terracotta pot planter boring? Try building a fairy house in it!

#18 Budget-Friendly Fairy House

This DIY fairy garden is friendly to your budget yet still adds more charm to your backyard.

#19 Planter Box Fairy Garden

Your backyard flower edge will crave this miniature fairy garden.

#20 Wash Tub House

A beautiful fairy garden with tub house, tree, grass, flowers and herbs.

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