30 Charming DIY Fairy Gardens For Backyard

#21 Fairy-sized Tractor

This adorably petite tractor also makes a charming fairy garden.

#22 Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Don’t let your broken pots go into waste. You can build a charming miniature fairy garden out of them.

#23 Tree House

Love this tree house? It brings something rustic to your garden and backyard.

#24 Curb Appeal

Another beautiful fairy garden to build with your trees.

#25 Enchanted Garden

This enchanted garden is perfect to do with your kids this summer vacation.

#26 Twinkling Garden

Looking for a miniature garden that will be striking in your backyard at nighttime? This is an excellent choice for you.

#27 Summer Escape

This brings the breeze of summer to your garden.

#28 Mini Birdhouse Fairy Village

Another fabulous birdhouse fairy garden for you to add to DIY project.

#29 Miniature Fairy Garden

It’s fantastic to build a fairy garden out of your tree stand. Feel free to let your kids join in!

#30 Fairy Garden in a Pot

Autumn is coming. Why don’t you build this fairy garden for your garden and backyard?

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