30 Chic Foil Nail Designs To Copy

Looking for something to make your nails more glittering? You’ve been in the right place, guys. This post shares 30 chic foil nail designs for you to copy. Foil of different varieties is cleverly put on your nails in the shape of the oil leak, giving them a stunning look. These nail arts are additionally suitable for multiple occasions. You look pretty and cool when going to work, hanging out with friends, having a walk on the street, or attending a party or gathering. Give them a try once and you will immediately get hooked into.


Giving your nails a foil decor is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make them more eye-catching. Silver and gold foil is more commonly used in this case. The reason is that it pairs beautifully with other nail colors. As I love new nail decors, I sometimes put on pink and blue foil on my nails. It’s fashionable. And you, ready to give these a go?

#1 Natural White Nails with Gold Foil

#2 Almond Abstract Gold Foil Nails

#3 Stiletto Pink Blue Foil Nails

#4 Pink, Blue, Gold Foil Nails

#5 Almond Light Pink Nails with Gold Foil

#6 Bridal Pink Foil Nails

#7 Marble and Gold Foil Nails

#8 Romantic Blue Nails with Gold Foil

#9 Stunning Stiletto Black Nails with Gold Foil

#10 Natural Nude Foil Nails