30 Creative DIY Wall Planter Ideas

30 Creative DIY Wall Planter Ideas

You love creating and you always want to your space living more vivid and in your own way. But, have you had any ideas? Let’s think about wall planters? They are as classic as they are modern, and they can make your walls look like a piece of green art without taking up any floor space. They’re perfect for the apartment-dwellers with a penchant for gardening. And now, your house is not just a house, it’s also an art gallery of sorts.
30 Creative DIY Wall Planter Ideas
And in the post today, we’ve collected 30 interesting creative DIY wall planter ideas to jazz up your uninspired wall. These planters are versatile, come in different shapes and shades, from wooden and metal pots to pallet planters and brackets, there are plenty of options you can take inspiration from for your walls. Plus, you can plant anything and everything in them, from succulents to salad greens. Grow seasonal blooms and herbs in them and your space will smell and look like a meadow.

#1 Wall Hanging Planters

#2 Living Wall Planter

#3 Succulent Wall Planter

#4 Wall Planter Pots

#5 Wall Flower Planter

#6 Wall Block Planter

#7 Garden Wall Planters

#8 Metal Wall Planters

#9 DIY Wall Planter

#10 Wall Planter Hook

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