30 Creative Ideas For Wine Bottles

30 Creative Ideas For Wine Bottles

#11 Pastel Bottles

If you want to make something sweet and meaningful to give for a sweet Mother’s Day, this is a great recommendation. Think about it and try!

#12 Charcuterie Board

There is nothing more amazing than a flattened wine bottle in tray for hors d’oeuvres. It makes serving more perfect.

#13 Netted Bottles

If you love the decoration of this beachy, let’s save your money, make it by yourself by using jute twine and wine bottles in your home.

#14 Gilded Bottle

Serving your summer cocktails out of a gilded wine bottle, made with leftover candy wrappers.

#15 Whimsical Terrariums

Cut a wine bottle in half and save the bottom portion to make tiny terrariums, or use a Mason jar for instead if you don’t like wine bottle.

#16 Colorful Chandelier

Using the upper halves of your wine bottles to create an upcycled chandelier that will make a statement in your room. For a more neutral look, don’t stain your bottle.

#17 Table Number

Displaying table numbers oh-so-tastefully with these chalkboard-painted, burlap-wrapped wine bottles.

#18 Signed Souvenir

Take a different approach to the traditional guest book and have guests sign a wine bottle at your next party. You’ll have a treat for the end of the day and a keepsake that will remind you of the event forever.

#19 Simple Centerpiece

Turn a group of wine bottles into a no-fuss centerpiece. Bottles, a little water, and a few flowers that are all you need.

#20 Twinkle Lights

Feed strands of twinkly lights into wine bottles for a beautiful year-round display. So easy and nice!