30 Creative Ideas For Wine Bottles

30 Creative Ideas For Wine Bottles

#21 Faux-Mercury Glass Bottles

These metallic bottles will add a chic touch to any room.

#22 Wine Bottle Shelf

Have you ever imagine about this shelving, it is made with wine bottles and wood? It is a unique idea!

#23 Self-Watering Planter

Grow your favorite herbs into Mason jar, and use the top of a wine bottle for a desktop or countertop planter.

#24 Bedside Lamp

An interesting DIY side-table lamp by using an upcycled wine bottle. Play up the bottle’s shape with a simple lampshade.

#25 Citronella Candles

Save the recipe

#26 Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser

If you don’t love plastic bottle, let ditch them and pour dish soap into an adorable etched-glass wine bottle.

#27 Wine Bottle Wall

Easy way to create more privacy for your backyard. That’s use extra bottles to make a partition. And the sun will look gorgeous shining through all of the colors!

#28 Candy Corn Bottles

Brighten fall decoration with bottle display that painted to resemble candy corn, (or use whatever colors you’d like) and display them year round.

#29 Tiki Torches

Transform them into new stars to light up your next outdoor event with these homemade tiki torches.

#30 Etched Candle Holders

It is the perfect decoration for your next outdoor party with gorgeous wine bottle candle holders. To make it more impressive, let personalize them by etching your monogram onto the bottle.