During sunny summer days, a shady garden is a need for every family. It not only has the effect of "cooling", the shade in the garden also gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation after a long hard working day. Furthermore, your plants will also be protected by shade to grow healthy because direct sunlight can harm plants. That's the reason why in the post today, we are so glad to share 30 creative shade gardening ideas. So, if you are trying to control the amount of heat from the sun to protect your plants, or looking for a great place to hide the hot days, these ideas here are for you. Take a look at these shade cloth gardening designs and ideas and find which fits your garden best.

30 Creative Shade Gardening Ideas

#11 Ferocious Ferns

Many fern types grow great in the shade. Use them to accent your undergrowth.

#12 Resting Greens

Create a unique gardening space in the darkest of spots. Small bushes and greens that don’t need much sun will easily fill up a flower bed. Add some color with small flowers and blooms to make your greens pop.

#13 Colorful Brush

Leaf plants are the most popular in shade gardening. They need low light to grow into their gorgeous colors.

#14 Shade Garden with Statue

You can also dress up your garden with something that requires no sunlight at all—fixtures. A neat statue layered in your greenery will turn a patch of the ungrowable garden into a unique space.

#15 Layered Flowers

In between your bursting leaf plants, throw in a breed of bursting flowers like in this example below. These flowers will likely bloom in bushes and be planted in bunches like most low light flowers.

#16 Sunless Herbs

Of the herbs and weeds that grow in nature, a lot of them don’t need a lot of direct sunlight. Highlight your shade garden with colorful herbs to create a naturally growing brush.

#17 Greener Grass

Wild grasses and clovers love the shade! Find some grass plants you like and let them grow wild in your shade garden. The result can be a garden that looks like a patch transplanted to your home from a forest.

#18 Under the Tree

You can keep a singular theme in your shade by keeping the same leaf plant species. The hosta is one of the most popular leaf plants. It produces gorgeous large dark green leaves with bright green highlights.

#19 Blooming Bushes

There are few bushes that blossom into beautiful accents, and you want them in your shade garden. Highlight your shade with colorful flowers that will burst from your greenery.

#20 Overgrowth Shade Gardening

Some bushes love the shade and will continue to grow into beautiful blossoms. Even in the shade, you can have a variety of plant life.

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