30 Cute And Cool DIY Hanging Planters You Will Love

by Sasha Ridley

    Many plants (both indoor and out), flowers, and even fruits look pretty on hanging planters. They’re not only containers where the plants grow from but also a stunning home décor. They’re enough to brighten up the space where they are hang on. These planters are more eye-catching when they’re DIY products. They are unique as they’re made by you. It might be pretty or not but you can’t not find the same one at stores.


    Here are 30 cute and cool DIY hanging planters that you will love. If you are seeking something fun for you and your kids to do together, these are worth trying. These hanging planters come in a variety of materials, ranging from clay pots to mason jars. It means that you have many to choose from. Additionally, all these DIY projects are totally affordable. Some are super easy to make while some requires a bit more skills. It depends. Ready to give them a try?

    #1 Colander Planter

    The collections ends with gorgeous flower colander planters. Love them?

    #2 Chandelier Hanging Planter

    One of my favorite hanging planter is here! It offers more than just a plant container. It’s a stunning home decor that adds more greens color to your home, both inside and out.

    #3 Hanging Tire Planter

    It’s fantastic to turn an old tire to beautiful hanging planters. Many flowers love living here.

    #4 Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants

    You’re definitely missing out if you don’t have pretty mason jar planters at home. Why not attach these to the wall to make beautiful hanging planters?

    #5 Old Funnel Hanging Planter

    It’s great to make a rustic hanging planter from an old funnel. It is a cool home to beautiful flowers!

    #6 Hanging Succulent Planter with White Yarn Rope

    An interesting DIY project to do at weekend!

    #7 Succulent Sphere

    One of the most creative planter for your succulents! Hanging it in front of the door would be perfect!

    #8 Hanging Rain Boot Planters

    Don’t let your old rain boots go to waste! They makes a beautiful hanging planter garden! Your kids would go crazy for them!

    #9 Wood Pallet Hanging Planter

    You can definitely make a simple planter from wood pallets. Keep it rustic with its own color or paint it with a bright color that you like. This planter is in lemon yellow.

    #10 Hanging Shoe Rack Planters

    Here is a vertical vegetable and herb garden made from a shoe rack. If your garden does not have enough room for your favorite plants, just give these a try.

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