Fairy gardens are a fun way to mix toys with nature. It’s also a great way for kids to your kids into gardening and love nature more. So, if you want to your kids join outdoor activities instead of watching youtube or searching internet all time, fairy gardens are smart choice. And here are 30 cute and fun outdoor fairy garden ideas that will blow your mind, and your kids too. They include fairy houses, structures, mushrooms, walkways, villages and more, explore them with us. Fairy gardens are miniature landscapes with tiny plants, trees, pathways, houses, and more. They look like there are living some tiny creatures, wrapped in a magical aura. There are no certain rules of how you can organize your mini fairy garden. So, to make them, you just need to have your imagination and creativity. These ideas today are great examples to try.

30 Cute and Fun Outdoor Fairy Garden Ideas

#21 Some Decorative Garden Gnomes, In Front Of An Old Boat Decorating A Garden On The Island Hiddensee

#22 Large Fairy Garden In And Around A Large Log. Includes Several Houses, Pumpkins, Mushrooms And Many Miniature Garden Gnomes

#23 Fairy Tea Time With This Miniature Fairy Tea Table And Chairs

#24 Spectacular Miniature Log Fairy Houses Built Up On Small Stumps

#25 Fairy House Built Into Stump With Front Stoop, Small Birdhouse And Miniature Dog And Snail. Very Nice Decorative Garden Scene.

#26 Old Stump Converted Into Fairy House With Front Steps, Door And Wood Shingle Roof Along With Wood Shingles On Gabled Roof

#27 Log Fairy House On Small Stump With A Light

#28 Small Gnome Garden With House In Stump And Garden Gnomes Placed Around The Base Of The Stump

#29 Small Decorative Garden Schene Built In Plate And Includes White Pot With Miniature Lambs, Chicks, Welcome Sign And Small Flowers

#30 Close Up Of An Entire Fairy Garden Scene With Thatched Roof House Built Log-style With Sticks, Pebble Walkway, Miniature Raised Garden Beds And Small Trees

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