30 Cute Animal Tattoos Girls Would Go Crazy For

Itching to tiny adorable tattoos? Get tattooed for the first time? This post is handy for you, guys. It shares 30 cute animal tattoos that girls would go crazy for. Whale, sleeping cats, dogs, birds, and butterflies are all gathered here. Some of them are black-inked while some are colored. If you prefer simple or traditional tattoos, the former would be perfect. It depends. Pick what you love and tell the tattooist to make it for you.


You can get these cute animal tattoos on the ankle, collarbones, shoulders, or back. Any place that you think your tattoo will shine. They will bring you more charm. Definitely. Imagine you wear jeans that are upper your sleeping cat ankle tattoo? You look so cool then, right? If your friends get interested, you guys can get a couple tattoo. Such an exciting way to strengthen your friendship.

1. Tiny Bird Tattoo on the Collarbone

2. Cute Tiny Panda Tattoo on the Ankle

3. Tiny Watercolor Sleeping Cat Tattoo

4. Cute Tiny Hedgehog Tattoo on the Inner Arm

5. Tiny Pig Tatoo on the Inner Arm

6. Watercolor Ankle Whale Tattoo

7. Flying Bird Tattoos on the Arm

8. Tiny Duckling Ankle Tattoo

9. Bunny Ankle Tattoo

10. Tiny Running Fluffy Dog Tattoo