30 Different Types of Jade Plants

30 Different Types of Jade Plants

#11 Little Jade Tree (Crassula Ovata ‘Little Jade Tree’)

This small and compact variety can grow up to 12-16 inches tall and features oval-shaped green fleshy leaves adorned with red edges.

#12 Miniature Jade (Crassula Ovata ‘Minima’)

It is quite different from the Crassula Ovata ‘Little Jade Tree’. The plant creates a bushy structure in small containers and forms leaves clusters on several little branches.

#13 Pink Jade (Crassula Ovata ‘Pink Beauty’)

This beautiful variety got its name because of clusters of star-shaped pink blooms that grow on the tips and cover the entire plant in fall and early winter.

#14 Calico Kitten (Crassula Marginata ‘Variegata’)

Colorful ‘Calico Kitten’ exhibits eye-catching grey-green leaves with pink-cream and lemon edges.

#15 Campfire (Crassula Capitella ‘Campfire’)

It has propeller-like foliage with light green and bright red hue, which gives it a dramatic look. It also produces white flowers during the summer.

#16 Crassula Moon Glow (Crassula Mesembryanthemoides)

This unique succulent has long and narrow grey-green leaves with small white hair that gives it a silver shine and makes it look like its covered in frost.

#17 Fairy Crassula (Crassula multicava)

It looks more like a sedum plant with spoon-like green leaves, having red edges. When planted in groups, it can create an outstanding look.

#18 Red Flames (Crassula Capitella Thunb)

This variety is prized with distinct-looking foliage. Grow it in shade and the leaves will take a bright apple-green color.

#19 Baby’s Necklace (Crassula Rupestris)

This plant is one of the prettiest crassula hybrids, baby’s necklace is a head-turner! It has small round-shaped gray-green reddish leaves that resemble a beaded necklace.

#20 Propeller Plant (Crassula Falcata)

It has got the common name because of flat propeller-like succulent leaves. In favorable growing conditions, the plant also produces gorgeous red blooms.

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