30 DIY Tin Can Crafts That You Will Say “Wow”

by Sasha Ridley

    With a creative mind and some other materials, you can definitely turn tin cans into so much lovely crafts. An indoor herb tin can garden, for instance, is great to appear at any house. It not only adds a new appearance to your house but also brings you clean herbs for cooking and drinking. Some even help repel mosquitoes and flies. Instead of throwing tin cans into a trash bin, you can store them and use for easy DIY projects. Doing so is also a good way to protect the environment, right?

    30 DIY Tin Can Crafts That You Will Say Wow

    In this post, I’m excited to share 30 DIY tin can crafts that you will say “wow”. They are all helpful. I’ve tried some with my kids and we had a lot of fun together. This weekend, we’re making a wind chime with tin can. Hanging it on the door or near the window will grasp the eyes of everyone visiting your home. Can’t wait giving it a try!

    #1 Indoor Tin Can Herb Garden

    #2 Tin Can Lanterns

    #3 Rustic Twine Wrapped Vase

    #4 Carnival Can Toss

    #5 Tin-Can Caddy

    #6 Tin Can Wind Chime

    #7 Ball Toss Game with Recycled Cans

    #8 Hanging Tin Can Storage

    #9 DIY Wedding Tin Can Centerpiece

    #10 DIY Birch Bark Vases

    #11 Fruit Can Centerpiece

    #12 Birthday in A Tin Can

    #13 Dipped Tin Can Storage

    #14 DIY Tin Can Robot

    #15 Tin Can Utensil Holders

    #16 Paint Can Cubbies

    #17 Picnic Place Settings

    #18 Hanging Flower Pots

    #19 Tin Can Adapters

    #20 Tin Can Luminaries

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