30 Easy Adorable DIY Wood Slice Crafts You Should Try

by Sasha Ridley

    The elegance, sturdiness, and longevity of wooden slices make them fascinating materials to make crafts. It cannot be denied that DIY projects with these wooden slices are so easy and fun. All it takes is different sized tree logs or driftwood and an electric saw to cut them down into perfect even slices. And these do not require much time and effort.


    So here are 30 easy adorable DIY wood slice crafts you should try. If you are looking for fun yet enjoyable DIY projects to proceed with your kids, these are the way to go. They’re at budget yet serve for multiple purposes. Functioning and garnishing. Wood sliced dinner mats, for instance, are great for the outdoor dining table. People who love rustic handmade products should give these a try. Here we go!

    #1 DIY Wood Sliced Dinner Mats

    I just love these wood sliced dinner mats. They make an outdoor dinner more perfect. People who crave rustic garden styles should never miss these for their DIY projects.

    #2 DIY Pencil Holder

    This pencil holder does not cost you a penny. A piece of driftwood and some drilled holes will do the trick. If you prefer rustic raw pencil holder for a glass or stark white desk space, this is right up your street.

    #3 Wood Slice Tealight Holder Set

    Love bringing this cool tealight holder set to your home?

    #4 DIY Log Slice Wall Clock

    Why not make a clock that is different than everyone else? The powerful red of the mechanism revives the basic wood slice.

    #5 Wood Slice Disc with Galaxy Forest Wander Lust Painting

    This would be one of the bestest artwork created on the wood slice. Feel free to ley your kids involved in this fun project with you.

    #6 Pumpkin Wood Slice Display

    This pumpkin wood slice display is so cheerful.

    #7 Wood Slice Serving Board

    You can also try making a serving board from wood slices. This will give your food a more elegant look. Love it?

    #8 DIY Log Flower Vase

    A simple log can be drilled to form a simple vase for autumn branch decor.

    #9 Faux Wood Slice Fireplace Cover

    All it takes is glue together several pieces of log slices. Then, you have an elegant faux cover for your fireplace.

    #10 Wooden Slice Door Wreath

    Wooden slices make an exciting material to make door wreath. Let’s try it for this Christmas!

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