30 Easy Adorable DIY Wood Slice Crafts You Should Try

#11 Easter Egg Wood Slice Coasters

Let’s spruce up this year’s Easter brunch with a smattering of colorful coasters.

#12 Branch Slices Mat

You may try making a rustic mat out of branch slices.

#13 Colorful Bookends

This colorful bookend will drive your kids crazy.

#14 Colorful Coasters For Your Glasses

Paint your wood slices with favorite colors and decorate them with pretty patterns. They would be charming sturdy coasters in the kitchen.

#15 Cute DIY Calendar Gift

Here is what you need to do: Print the twelve sheets of paper and insert them into a log slice used as support.

#16 Colorful Wood Slice Thumbtacks

These pastel-coated wood slice thumbtacks will look lovely on a bulletin board in your home.

#17 Wood Slice Photo Ornament

This is worth hanging on your pine tree, right?

#18 Colorful Fun Wood Slice Wall Art

There is so much fun to decorate wood splices with your names or funny messages. Use them as wall art pieces in a simple composition.

#19 Wood Slice Magnets

Add rustic flair to your fridge with these mini magnets.

#20 Small Wood Slice Wine Charm

It’s an elegant vintage way to label your party guests’ wine glasses.

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