30 Easy Adorable DIY Wood Slice Crafts You Should Try

#21 Pumpkin Tree Stump Welcome Sign

Another pumpkin-like craft to proceed with wood slices. This welcome sign really makes sense, right?

#22 Lazy Slice

Declutter your desk with this elegant (and rotating) wood slice.

#23 Botanical Wood Slices

It’s fantastic to put botanical prints on your wood slice coasters.

#24 Sliced Birch Branch Place Mats

These placemats will save you a lot of money. They’re also pretty cool and do not require much time to proceed.

#25 Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand

Looking for a rustic firm plant stand? Let your wood slices do their work. They will keep you amazed.

#26 Modern Industrial Wood Slice Shelf

Love imitating this wood slice shelf in your home?

#27 Log Slice Vase

Finding unused firewood available around your backyard? Try sanding them to create these stylish vase holders.

#28 Log Slice Table

This makes an exciting coffee table for indoor and outdoor spaces.

#29 Wooden Slab Key Holder

All that you need to do is to paint just two sections in complementary colors, and add a hook and letters for an instructional reminder.

#30 Wood Slice House Number Sign

Attach vinyl numbers to create a new house sign, adding a Mason jar filled with delicate flowers for a charming touch.

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